The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

LCMS.ORG is the website of our denomination, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). The president of our synod is Rev. Matthew Harrison. Here you can find the synod’s positions on a number of important issues and get complete information on the teachings of our denomination. Use the search engine on the website to help find your way. You can also get current information on any LCMS church worker (pastors, teachers, deacons and deaconesses). You can also donate to help people facing natural disasters like flood and tornados, or to support the global mission of the synod.

Northwest District of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

This is the website of the local judicatory serving Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, the Northwest District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, geographically the largest district of the synod NOW includes all of Oregon, Washington State and Alaska. Our district president is Rev. Paul Linneman. Users have to register to get full use of the site.

The Small Catechism by Martin Luther

This website allows people to conveniently explore, read, and search the “Confessions of the Lutheran Church” including the Large and small Catechism, The Augsburg Confession and the Apologia to the Augsburg Confession. These are the basic faith statements of the Lutheran Church.

Concordia Theology

This is a website from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis that offers insights and conversations with seminary professors including their recent publications. For example, you can read Dr. Jeff Gibbs’ review of “Heaven is For Real“.

Concordia Seminary

Considering God’s call to pastoral ministry or as a deaconess in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod? Log on to the Concordia Seminary St. Louis website for more information.

Interim Ministry Forum

Log on to the interim ministry website to learn more about intentional interim ministry in the LCMS.

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is a great website for looking up Bible passages – and there are a large number of versions and even different languages. Want to read John 3:16 in Spanish or in Russian? You’ll be able to do that on this website along with lots more resources for your Bible study.

The Meyer Minute

Rev. Dale Meyer is the president of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. You can log onto this blog for a thoughtful daily devotional reading from the seminary president.


Daily prayer and Bible readings are available along with a lot of other resources for personal prayer and devotional life. Most of these are from the Anglican communion.

The Text This Week is a “go to” inter denominational website for people who want to learn about the assigned (lectionary) Bible readings for any given Sunday. They don’t always agree with the set of readings used in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, but with the index of Scripture you can find comments and reflections on almost any Biblical text.

Society of the Holy Trinity

The Society of the Holy Trinity is a ministerium (order) of pastors who have been ordained in Lutheran churches throughout North America. In a time of doctrinal confusion and moral uncertainty, they support one another in remaining faithful to the promises spoken at ordination into the Church’s ministry. Pastor Joe is the Dean of the Columbia River Chapter of the Society.

Reformation 2017

Stephen Hawking recently said, “We get our identity from our history.” It’s been almost 500 years since the Lutheran movement was born when Martin Luther stood up for the authority of God’s Word against the abuses of the medieval church in 1517 and set God’s people free to read the Bible in their own language. On this interactive site you will find out why the Lutheran Reformation is still all about Jesus, and is still important. Luther’s famous words, “Here I stand” echo through time to our own day.